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Terms and Conditions

Academy “Novator” offers interested persons a highly qualified and effective training course, in case of successful completion of which, the theoretical and practical experience accumulated during the course will be a solid basis for achieving substantial professional success in the technical field.

The use of this website is governed by the rules and conditions established by Novator LLC. It should be noted that your visit to the website and/or use of the information on it automatically implies your consent to the relevant terms and conditions.


  • Legislation – valid legislative and sub-legal normative acts of Georgia and international agreements or treaties included in the system of normative acts of Georgia.
  • Training course – an academic course offered by the Academy to interested persons, upon successful completion of which the course participant receives relevant knowledge in the professional field.
  • Course participant – a natural person who takes part in the training course based on the agreement signed with the Academy.
  • Certificate – a document confirming the relevant knowledge to be given to the course participant upon successful completion of the course.
  • Third-party – any natural or legal person, and/or organizational structure stipulated by the legislation of Georgia or another country, which does not represent a legal person, except for the academy and the course participant.

Applicable law

  1. The present conditions are constructed in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.
  2. These terms and legal relations arising in relation to the website are governed by the laws of Georgia, regardless of the location of the user of the website.
  3. The general courts of Georgia shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any legal dispute arising in relation to the website.


  1. 3-month or 6-month training courses are offered as part of the academy’s educational program.
  2. Successful completion of the relevant courses implies thorough mastering of the relevant profession by the course participant.
  3. The prerequisite for registration on the relevant courses is the cooperation agreement concluded between the academy and the course participant and the payment of the fee established by the relevant agreement.
  4. The course participant has the right to request a refund of the paid amount no later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days before the start of the training course. In this case, the amount paid is subject to return, minus the amount of the commission for depositing money into the account.
  5. Successful completion of the training course is confirmed by a certificate confirming the relevant knowledge given to the course participant.
  6. The successful completion of the training course by the participant of the course depends on his academic performance, frequency of attendance, the quality of the tasks performed within the course, the amount of points accumulated during the course and the quality of the assigned projects.
  7. An essential prerequisite for the successful completion of the course is the successful completion of the final project given by the course mentors by the course participant, which is expressed in the creation of a full-fledged educational resource based on the professional knowledge accumulated by the course participant during the academic course.

Police Department and Police Department

Academy “Novator” is obliged to:

  1. To ensure effective, transparent and highly qualified training course and take responsibility for the quality of the relevant course.
  2. To provide the participants of the course with all relevant materials necessary for the educational process.
  3. In case of successful completion of the training course, the course participant will be given a certificate confirming the relevant one.


Academy “Novator” is authorized to:

  1. Supervise the learning process.
  2. To require the course participant or website user to fulfill any agreement, both documentary and verbal, in good faith.
  3. To require the user of the website or the participant of the course to comply promptly and conscientiously with any written or verbal agreement signed between them, as well as with the present rules and conditions.
  4. to require the course participant or website user to comply with disciplinary norms.
  5. In case of violation of contractual obligations or disciplinary norms by the website user or course participant, take appropriate measures based on the quality of the relevant action.


The website user or course participant is obliged to:

  1. respect and obey the rules and regulations of the Academy;
  2. to show respect for the educational process and the persons involved in it;
  3. Any information posted on the website should be used only for educational and/or informational purposes and not to use the information, its structure, design or image on the website for commercial purposes.
  4. The course participant is obliged to attend all meetings of the training course, to actively engage and participate in the teaching process, to fulfill the tasks and instructions given to him in the teaching process;
  5. The course participant is obliged to pay the training course fee before the start of the relevant course, in good faith and in good faith, in the amount and in the terms stipulated by the agreement with the Academy.


  1. The course participant undertakes not to allow commercial or non-commercial secrets of the Academy to be disclosed directly or indirectly to third parties.
  2. The course participant is prohibited from disseminating the course materials, syllabus, physical or online recording(s) or information received during the course in any form, whether it is physical, documentary or verbal dissemination of information.

Intellectual property

  1. On the website, its content, structure and design, on the structure of the programs offered by the Academy and, in addition, on any object of intellectual property created and registered by the Academy, including its trademarks, the copyright of Academy “Innovator” is fully extended. 
  2. The Academy’s intellectual property includes, but is not limited to: the website, server, special codes, codes, research, computer programs, etc.
  3. Academy “Novator” copyright and other intellectual property rights apply to this website and all content on it (including products and services).
  4. The user of the website and the “participant of the course” are obliged to protect the intellectual property of the Academy.

Processing of personal information

  1. In accordance with the regulations established by the Georgian legislation, Academy “Novatori” requests the personal information of the website user and the course participant (name, surname, date of birth, personal number, e-mail address, contact phone number) in the amount necessary for the implementation of an effective service.
  2. The Academy ensures the protection of the confidential information provided to it in accordance with the rules established by the legislation.
  3. The Academy is obliged to collect, process and store personal information of website users and course participants in compliance with the regulations stipulated by the Georgian legislation.

Cancellation of user account

  1. It should be noted that in the case of violation of the obligations stipulated by the present rules and conditions or any agreements concluded with the Academy by the user of the website or the participant of the course, the Academy retains the right to terminate the program with the participant of the course and cancel the account of the corresponding user on the website.

Implementation of changes

  1. Academy “Novator” is entitled to unilaterally make changes in the content of these terms and conditions without prior informing the user of the website.
  2. Regular familiarization with these terms and conditions is the responsibility of the website user.


    1. If you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at the following address:


    Phone: +995 593 000 323

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